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Do you need to sell a Mobile Home Park?

As an owner of a small to medium-sized mobile home community, I understand you have likely invested significant time, money and effort into building and managing this property. However, despite your best intentions, the increasing burdens of maintenance, unstable occupancy, risk mitigation, and thin profit margins can transform from a passive investment into a considerable liability over time.

Given your experience, you understand how the affordable housing shortage coupled with favorable demographic shifts have driven strong demand for mobile home park investments. As such, you have a timely opportunity to sell your community to one of many qualified buyers willing to purchase, improve and professionally operate these assets at fair market value.

My firm specializes in representing mobile home park owners seeking an exit strategy. We provide accurate valuation assessments and leverage our relationships with regional investors and operators to market your property to the widest possible buyer pool. Throughout the sales process, we strategically position your offering to garner optimal interest, ensure transparency for due diligence, negotiate favorable terms and timelines, and efficiently guide the transaction through to closing.

I understand the thought of relinquishing an asset you poured so much into creates mixed emotions. However, the continuing headaches associated with ownership often outweigh the financial benefits over the long run. By selling to a dedicated owner-operator, you can exchange equity built over years into liquidity to deploy into other ventures aligned with your lifestyle. This may be your best chance to escape the headaches without sacrificing your financial position.

If you seek an honest assessment of your options, I welcome the opportunity to offer guidance regarding selling your mobile home park this year. My goal is ensuring this process leads to the most positive outcome for all parties involved. Please feel free to arrange a consultation at your convenience.

  • No waiting on buyer’s loan approval
  • No closing costs
  • No realtor fees or commissions
  • Faster transaction
  • Predictable closing date

Referral Fees: For any community referred to us, we will pay a referral fee or the buyer’s part of the brokerage commission upon a successful closing.

Terms: Cash, Owner Financing, Land Contract, or Lease/Option.

Sell your Mobile Home Fast

Selling your property to a cash investor might be the the best solution for you. Of course, the most important thing is choosing the right people to work with. We are a reputable TEAM. We will give you all your options, find a WIN-WIN, and buy your property.

If selling your mobile home park or RV Park for cash sounds like a good option for you, give us a call and we would love to discuss it further with you. We will find the best solution for you, even if it is NOT us.

We Purchases Mobile Home Parks and RV Parks

We Purchases Mobile Home Parks and RV Parks all over the great State of Texas. A Mobile Home or RV Park is major financial transactions and has many moving parts, as buying or selling any real estate. Choosing PREAM gives you access to experienced professionals. We have the right experience, the right network, and the right work ethic to get it done . We will get it SOLD for what it is WORTH.

At PREAM Mobile Homes, We have the experience and connections to get you what your property SOLD quickly and with less HASSLE.

Please fill out this simple form with at least your phone number or email so I can contact you.  I will respect your privacy.  You will not be added to any mailing list.

It would be most helpful if you can tell me a bit about your property:

1. Property Name, address, and number of lots?

2. Whether it is on city water and sewer, or on well and septic?

3. How many of the mobile homes you own, if any, and some detail about their age and size?

4. What your lot rent is?

Simply fill out the short contact form above. You’ll get connected with Justin and receive a fair cash offer – it’s that easy.

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